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Welcome to the Library

Dear Parents,

We are so excited to open our doors to your child as he/she explores a whole new world of reading opportunities. Students will visit the library once, sometimes twice a week during the 4 day “Specials’ class” rotation schedule. Your child’s library class will not be held on the same day, so it is important that you try to follow the rotation schedule so that he/she can return the books on time and choose new ones.

Here is our library policy regarding checking out books:

  • Students are allowed to check out books for a period of 10 school days.
  • Two books is the maximum checkout for grades K-5.
  • Overdue notices – Notices are emailed once a week for students who have overdue books. If the student has any book that is overdue, he or she will not be allowed to check out another book. Understandably, there are certain situations in which the book can’t be returned on time. Please let us know so that something can be worked out.
  • Lost books – Any time there is a lost book, we encourage you not to pay for it until all places (school, classrooms, cafeteria, babysitters, bookshelves, cars, etc.) have been thoroughly searched. If it is still not found, then a notice with the cost of the book (cost also includes processing fees and current replacement price) will be given to the student. Students will not be able to check out books until the replacement cost is taken care of.  If the lost book is found during the current school year, the money will be refunded provided the book is in good shape or as it was when it left the library.
  • Damaged books – Damaged books must be paid for as it is the responsibility of the student to keep them in safe places. Examples of damaged books are those that are destroyed by animals or small children, soiled by food, water or other liquids, or not put away properly in desks and book bags. There are times when pages are ripped or pages come out due to poor binding. These books need to be brought in to the library and we will determine if the book damage can be repaired. Students will not be charged if the book can be repaired or the damage is not the fault of the student.
  • There are no fines for overdue books. If a student misses his or her library day, they will be allowed to come and get new books in the morning before school, after school or any time during the day with the teacher’s permission.

We are looking forward to a great year of reading wonderful books and teaching important library skills to your child!

If you ever have any questions, please contact us at school during school hours. We will be happy to speak with you.



Mrs. Jo Keith, Librarian

Ms. Jennifer Harris, Library Assistant